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WEdding Photography Service

Discovering the Ideal Wedding Photographers in Delhi for Your Dream Ceremony: Challenging, Yet Achievable! At Event Namaste, we proudly present our exceptional team of wedding photographers, ready to capture every cherished moment from your roka, sangeet, mehendi, phera, and reception. With their expertise, our dedicated photographers will be strategically positioned throughout the venue, ensuring comprehensive coverage of both still photography and videography.

Array of Services Presented by Wedding Photographers

1.  Main Ceremony Coverage: If you prefer professional wedding photographers to focus solely on the main wedding day, you can hire them exclusively for that occasion. This allows you to manage costs while relying on family members and friends to capture other ceremonies. The Event Namaste team of wedding photographers will arrive early on the day of the main ceremony to document the entire function. You can select the pictures for your printed wedding album, while the remaining images will be delivered to you in digital format.

2. Comprehensive Package: Should you desire our professional wedding photographers to cover all the functions throughout your wedding, we can arrange a comprehensive package. They will be present according to your schedule, capturing every moment and ceremony.

WEdding Photography Service
WEdding Photography Service

3. Photography with Wedding Album and Frames: If you envision preserving your pictures in a beautifully bound wedding album, our team of wedding photographers will gladly assist you and your family. You will have the opportunity to select the images to be included in the album, while the remaining photographs can be provided to you in digital form. Additionally, they will edit and share a video montage accompanied by your preferred songs.

4. Pre-wedding Shoot: Consider having a pre-wedding shoot and incorporating those images into your wedding invitations for friends and family. These captivating photographs can be shared on social media platforms as a delightful way to prepare loved ones for your special day.

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